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What is E-Commerce?

Abbreviation for E-Commerce is Electronic commerce. E-commerce sites are on-line business transactions and trading. On launching e-commerce sites, b2b develops immensely, profit for both consumers and customers. Fast transactions are advantage to consumers and customers saving in value and time. For the last 5 years, all multiple business transactions are taking place on-line. On-line shopping payments are done through on-line payments via PayPal.

Open Cart

Open cart is open supply code, easy to put in thousands of e-commerce themes built-in in an open cart. These themes are helpful for business website developers. create their own business deals using open cart with on-line payment mode.


It is open supply business web application to deal business transactions, which can be downloaded freely. Software coders create easy modifications, add new themes and operations for existing websites to boost business opportunities, and are suitable for frequent updates.

Zen Cart

Zen cart is on-line searching supply web site, simply custom-built, designed to support E-commerce GPL code. Bestseller web site in e-commerce to enhance business.

X cart

X cart is push cart computer code best for hypertext mark-up language coders, Because hypertext mark-up language code data is important to develop some styles, X cart transfers backend operations with complete information, controls and handles innumerable merchandise.

Os Commerce

Os commerce is an internet store management application with in-built PHP and MY SQL backend language. It is free software system utilized in any browser.


Prestashop code needs dependable net hosting services to deal on- line searching, additionally its open supply ecommerce resolution maintains payment choices.

Lit ecommerce

Lit ecommerce is on-line cart website, works within the means of web site owner’s internet design and computer code operates with all on-line transactions.

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